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Instant station, hacking 1.0 MHz Crystal Oscillators

1 mhz crystal oscillator The idea of a full blown radio station inside a little aluminum can is intriguing, if not somewhat unrealistic.
      Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, the dedicated experimenters over at have hacked the can with simple mods to deliver a 1/4 watt AM radio transmitter.
     With a properly loaded wire antenna and a good RF ground, the modded can transmitter just might get out a bit. put together a nice, three-part tutorial to walk you through the project. Next, we'll link you back to some of our most popular posts on antennas and grounds to complete the picture.
  1. Fun with crystal oscillators, part 1
  2. Fun with crystal oscillators, part 2
  3. Fun with crystal oscillators, part 3
Want to give it a try but not sure where to get the cans and other parts? Amazon has the can! Be sure to check out the posts on simple shortwave transmitters, too.

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