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Free program content for your broadcasts - download PSAs galore!

Over the years your faithful blog editor has collected a variety of public service announcements, PSAs, to fill in some program time on low power radio broadcasts.
     With over 200 of these 15 to 60 second PSAs on hand, in MP3 format, it seemed like a good idea to share what's been collected over the years.
     The topics range from civil defense to flood safety to financial planning and have been collected over many years.
download public service announcements     Rather than sort by topic, which would result in a pretty extensive listing, I took the broadcaster route and sorted by length of time.
     Please to be enjoying our MP3 PSA Library, which are the copyrighted property of their respective owners, listed below:
Library of 15 second PSAs (~28 MB)

Library of 30 second PSAs (~70 MB)

Library of 60 second PSAs (~60 MB)

(Please use the download link in the upper right hand corner of the file view page)
Public service announcements can round out pre-recorded programming, are easy to add to any playlist and help fill out a broadcast segment.

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