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The other low power radio finds its voice

As Low-Power Local Radio Rises, Tiny Voices Become a Collective Shout
By Kirk Johnson, the New York Times
     Low-power nonprofit FM stations are the still, small voices of media. They whisper out from basements and attics, and from miniscule studios and on-the-fly live broadcasts. They have traditionally been rural and often run by churches; many date to the early 2000s, when the first surge of federal licenses were issued...
     Low-power FM stations can typically be heard for about three and a half miles if a bigger station or obstacle does not block the signal. ...nearly 2,500 low-power stations in some stage of licensing, construction or active broadcast across the nation...
     You want weird? Just turn the dial. One station in Seattle invites listeners to phone their dreams and fantasies into a recorded line, then puts them on the air, at least the ones that don’t raise concerns about F.C.C. indecency rules...
What low-power urban radio creates, believers say, is a sense of community, a defined physical stamp of existence that goes only as far as it can be heard. So new licensees and programmers are knocking on doors near their antennas and holding fund-raisers at the local brewpub. 
     That’s a stark contrast to the amorphous everywhere-but-nowhere world of the web, and the web-streaming radio or podcasts that a few years ago seemed most likely to take center stage in low-budget community communications. 
     Local media - radio, newspapers and even television, are strongest when closely connected to the community served.

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