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FM broadcast band J-Pole antenna, ready made!

Two of our most common searches on this site are "1 watt AM transmitter" and "ready made FM antenna."
We were happy to share the information when we discovered the 1 watt AM transmitter, available assembled from 6v6 Electronics and we pass along ready made FM antenna info any time we find some.
     We recently spotted a nicely constructed J Pole antenna for the FM broadcast band while perusing eBay. After getting permission from the builder to post a link on our blog, we are happy to share the information from this listing for a J-Pole Antenna for FM Broadcast Band.
     From the maker's listing:
     "This is a J-Pole Antenna cut for the FM band 88 to 108 Mhz. If you have a non-commercial FM  low power community radio station or a Church-ministry station or simply want to transmit Christmas music for your holiday lights, then this antenna will work for you.
     Made of 1/2  inch copper pipe, all welded  for a rigid and sturdy construction that will last a long time. Features a standard  female SO239 connector to attach your 50 ohm coaxial feed line. This antenna will handle 200 watts max, radiation pattern is omnidirectional and vertically polarized. 1.2 SWR  fine tuned to your frequency when built, so it is very important that you let me know at what exact frequency you are going to transmit.
     Approximately seven feet tall, depending on frequency and weighs 4 pounds, breaks down for shipping and easily sets up on site. This J-pole is made to order, specifically tuned to your frequency and will take two days to ship sent it USPS priority mail."
     Many opportunities for help as we pursue experimental broadcasting for a better tomorrow!

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