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AM transmitter power amplifier from an old CRT monitor?

Uber-hacker WA2ISE tells us "If you still have an old CRT VGA computer monitor in the closet or basement. you could use the video amplifier CRT driver circuit as an RF amplifier."
     This rather amazing discovery, along with many other items of low power radio goodness can be found on WA2ISE's websites, found on
     WA2ISE's site links to some long dead Geocities 
sites, brought back to life flying the new .ws top level domain. 
     If you have any dead Geocities links, try swapping the .com for .ws on the same URL.
     Amongst the many interesting links in those old sites are:
    Tomaz's Schematics Collection featuring several FM transmitters and support circuits like simple mixers.
    50mW AM transmitter circuit (old non-secure url, some browsers won't display this image), nice low parts count experiential transmitter.
     AM tube microtransmitter discussion, a nice example of a low power AM tube transmitter circuit  and a discussion of using a CRT IC as an amplifier, referred to at the opening of this post.
     Exploring the web looking for low power stuff can bring a sad reminder that many well-intentioned people put lots of great radio info on line and we lose a little every day to expired domains and failed hosts.

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