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Evan's AM Tube Transmitter Circuits

Hobbyist posts his learning experiences experimenting with AM tube transmitter designs and passes the savings along to you!
     Certified Electronic Technician Evan gives us six updated AM tube transmitter designs so tube enthusiasts get six more choice designs to build.
Image credit: Evan's AM Transmitter Circuits
     Evan's designs range from a simple one tube unit with about a dozen components to a five tube rework of a design from the late Fred Nachbaur.
     A visit to Evan's site brings you:
One Tube Transmitter!
Based on the Antique Electronic Supplies kit.
Two Tube Transmitter!
Now it's crystal controlled.
Three Tube Transmitter!
Has a selectable preamp, solid state or tube.
Fred Nachbaur's Goldberg!
A -revisit- with new circuit updates
A Linear 'power' Transmitter
A simple performer
Tuning Eye - Transmitter
A -revisit- adding an audio indicator tube
     Tube enthusiasts will find more than just schematics, as Evan takes us through his circuit analysis and optimization process and shares his mistakes and lessons learned throughout his site.
     So get your tube on - click on over to Evan's site and fill up on tubular goodness.

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