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5 watt AM tube type transmitter plan

Created for carrier current use, this tough little transmitter could serve a variety of low power radio uses.
     Besides, we all know tubes are cool!   
     While a conventional antenna is tightly regulated, limited use of the ac power line is permitted as a low-power, carrier-current antenna.
     Any radio plugged into or near the AC circuit will receive the signal and range is usually limited by the utility transformers.
     This schematic, parts list and instruction sheet come from 1973 and offer a simple, robust three vacuum tube transmitter circuit that might make a nice project.
      Parts substitution skills will be important but it's likely every part needed is still available.
      So get out the bread board and heat up the soldering iron, your next transmitter awaits!

Click here for the 5 watt AM tube type transmitter plan

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