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Part15LAB is ON FIRE!

I've mentioned this terrific Part 15 broadcasting blog several times in the past but Mr. Part15LAB is burning up the web in 2018 with a whole series of hellacious posts on our favorite hobby.
     First, and latest, are a series of articles on my very favorite subject - practical uses of low power radio.
     Part15LAB crushes this topic with illustrated news and editorial on low power radio's many applications in the real, actual world.
     Get your eyeballs on for some great high energy low power readings.
     Next, feast your eyes on some terrific trivia as Part15LAB looks at the history of our hobby with and
     Finally, check out everyone's least liked but most favorite topic of FCC enforcement, with an insightful review of recent FCC NOUOs at
     Nobody likes to have to turn off their transmitter but sometimes experiments go awry and the plug must be pulled.
     Fortunately, as is the case with the FCC enforcement reviews on and even this humble blog, the real message is that you need put some serious fire in the wire before you draw heat from old greybeard, AKA the Feds.
     Especially useful as an antidote to the haters, baiters and trolls who love to scream "That's EEE-LEE-GULL" when the topic of low power radio comes up.
     Lots more kewl posts to be enjoyed over at Part15LAB so click on over and please to be enjoying some great Part 15 Local Area Broadcasting news at!

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