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Shortwave broadcasting using 8 Watt tube transmitters

If you're tired of the hype around the highly questionable, so-called 'grenade' shortwave transmitter that's been spoophing the interwebs since the USENET days, then surf on over to to see shortwave as God intended - with big, beautiful, warm, glowing tube transmitters.
     Need a little more pop in your techno-pop? has plans and schematics for 8 Watt tube transmitters, 35 Watt tube transmitters, 50 Watt tube transmitters, 70 Watt tube transmitter and even 200 Watt tube transmitters.
     And there's more! Along with great info on tube transmitters, you'll find plans for the Inverted V Shortwave antenna.
     Whether you're using one of these magnificent tube units or you're working 13.xx MHz in the unlicensed band, the Inverted V just might get you our farther.
     Why? I'm glad you asked! According to the site owner, "The Inverted-V will give up to 3 dB at high take-off angles and due to the relatively low height above ground the antenna 'shoot' straight up for a perfect skip."
     Ready made shortwave transmitters and shortwave transmitter kits can often be found on Ebay Shortwave Transmitter listings - as always on Ebay, read descriptions carefully, ask questions and buyer beware.
     Want to check out the shortwave bands? Try one of these affordable receivers by visiting these Shortwave Radio listings or Ebay Shortwave Radio listings.
     Much to learn and explore in the world of tube transmitters and shortwave radio - go there!

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