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Your very own Cart machine

Black Cat Systems

 If you're of a certain age or if you've studied radio history, you've heard of the vaunted cart machine, an anachronistic and legendary way to instantly play jingles, sound effects and other audio in a rapid fire manner that the digital world has always struggled with.
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     Modern radio stations use software costing hundreds of dollars to replicate the trusty old carts, but now you can get similar performance from an app.
     Black Cat Systems presents Sound Byte, software that takes the old cart machine and puts it on your PC.
     Why is this a big deal?
     It seems the one attribute the digital world struggles with is the 'instant on' capability the old mechanical systems could deliver, so useful for live performances and making recordings without the need for extensive post-production.
     While there have been instant on technologies in use in the audio chain of broadcast and production facilities for decades, the cost of these solutions have been beyond the means of casual users like recreational broadcasters.
     Interesting application from Black Cat Systems!
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