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Where are your listeners? Perhaps posting on HF Underground

HFU HF UndergroundIs anybody out there? Maybe, and if there is, they just might have posted a reception report at the HFunderground message board.
     This link, HFunderground MW Free Radio takes you right to the Medium Wave page, where our reader's low power AM efforts might show up.
     This link HFundeground FM Free Radio will show reception reports for FM efforts.
     HFunderground users post reception reports across the spectrum, including Shortwave 'pirates,' Beacons, Numbers stations, Utilities, DX and even the 22 meter or 'Hifer' experimental band that a few of us low power radio Shortwave experimenters use on 13.5XX MHz.
     We radiophiles are always willing to engage in conversation about radio, so you'll find several interesting threads on radio experimentation.
     And, of course, a few very tedious discussions that always seem to creep in when the haters and baiters try to ruin our fun.
     If they hear something they say something so check it out!

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