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AmRRON recognizes the value of Low (and not so low) Power Radio

AmRRONTEOTWAWKI or SHTF? Nearly everyone has access to a battery operated FM or AM radio, even if they have to go to their car to listen. In a serious ‘down’ situation, the commercial stations will begin going silent.
     People will be scouring the radio dial looking for any information – any voice that can bring them news and information, and most importantly, encouragement, comfort, and hope.
     That’s when you go full power and high-gain antenna and become an information lifeline for people you’ve never met before, and probably never will.
     Founded in 2011, AmRRON was originally created as a communications network to keep communities and states connected in the event of a major disaster situation.
     AmRRON has now grown to nearly four thousand radio operators, with members in every state, plus Puerto Rico and Canada.
     In January, 2014, AmRRON merged with TAPRN, making it the largest radio network.
     Why does AmRRON have a rebroadcasting program?
     Besides the fact that it’s FUN, there’s really a tactical and strategic point.
      The goal of AmRRON is to connect people. In most cases the overall goal is to connect like-minded people. In the case of the Black Echo rebroadcasting program, the point is to inform your community.
     Click here to learn about the The Black Echo Rebroadcasting Station Project
     Click here to get Black Echo Rebroadcasting information and links to get you up and running
     A humble 'Thank You!' to AmRRON for including us in the resources section!

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