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YouTube aggregator site collects videos on low power radio

Using a YouTube API, something called wn.com aggregates videos on specific topics. Using the https://wn.com/am_transmitter link takes you to, you guessed it, AM transmitter vids.
     Yes! You guessed it again, there is also https://wn.com/fm_transmitter for FMers. 
     Right again! https://wn.com/shortwave_transmitter in fact, type anything with no spaces after the slash in wn.com/ and you'll get vids on that "topic," with none of the additional, usually quite useful information found on the YouTube vid page.
     Not quite sure why that would be a good thing.
     I wondered how the heck they got a two flippin' letter URL, then I read the 'about' popup, which states in part "The WorldNews (WN) Network, founded in 1995 & launched online in 1998. Now it has over 200 million pages indexed covering news on a vast range of subjects."
     So, they were first and smart!

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