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5 watt AM transmitter? New low power AM, FM and Shortwave amplifiers available

Turn a Talking House transmitter into a Carrier Current unit? This just might be possible with a new group of linear amplifiers turning up on ebay.
     Surfing the world's biggest digital garage sale sometimes pays off. We'll see if this latest discovery
is a game changer.
     New low power linear amplifiers from China have the potential to give recreational broadcasters in the AM band the same boost FM folks have had for years.
     Until now, a low power amplifier for the AM band was a tedious home build featuring multiple hand wound toroids. Most of us took a pass on that.
     Unlike past amp circuits that needed the more complex dual polarity power supply, these new units will run on a simple, single polarity 12 - 15 volt DC supply.
     Over the past few months, more and more of these units have been appearing on ebay so if you give one a try, let us know how it works for you!
     Currently, these are only available from China mainland and Hong Kong based vendors and that probably won't change anytime soon. If you decide to make a purchase from a mainland source, be prepared to wait three to four weeks for delivery. Hong Kong orders usually move a little faster.
     An off-the-shelf solution to a small power boost would be a welcome addition to AM band experimental and recreational broadcasting!


Unknown said...

I noticed the input on the amplifiers were listed as 1mw. I wonder if the 92-100mw emitted from the TH would damage the amplifier?

Low Power Radio Guy said...

I checked with several of the manufacturers in China and two responded. The answer was "no problem, up to 300 mW OK."
Also note that the Talking House has a limit of 100 mw DC input power to qualify for Part 15 with a ten foot (three meter, actually, thanks, Jimmy Carter) antenna, so the RF output of a TH is likely more like 30 mW.