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The low power broadcasting adventures of AA7EE

Every so often, we meet a ham who is low power radio and recreational broadcasting friendly. Always a remarkable resource, one wonders what we could accomplish with more friendly hams like AA7EE on board.
     First, AA7EE tells of how he became interested in low power radio broadcasting in his article "A Different Type Of QRP" where he confesses "My radio interests have taken a different course in the last month or so..."
     Great reading, so visit for the whole story.
     But wait, there's more. AA7EE's affliction worsened and we have a great review of the old SSTRAN 3000 transmitter, complete with antena plan, here:
     And there's stll more! AA7EE has been bitten by the HiFer bug and set up a HiFer beacon.
     AA7EE shares "It turns out that there is a way to operate an unmanned beacon on the HF bands below 28MHz, and to do so legally. The details, in the US, are contained within the FCC Part 15 regulations... The band with the most easily-attainable DX potential is the 14KHz-wide ISM band centered around 13.56MHz."
    Visit for the full rundown of the AA7EE HiFer beacon project.
     Lots more to explore on AA7EE's blog, so go there!

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