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Jameco Electronics steps up with AM and FM low power radio kits

At a time when more and more low power radio kits (and electronic kits in general) are disappearing from the market, Jameco Electronics has stepped up with two simple, low cost low power radio kits for beginners.
     On the AM side, we have the Super Simple Low Power AM Radio Transmitter Project based on the 555 timer chip.
     One of the nicest features of this kit is the experimenter's breadboard included on the parts list, meaning there is no soldering required.
     Building on a breadboard also means this kit is infinitely reconfigurable and delightfully hackable, making this kit a great stepping stone to greater things.
     Once the base kit is built, experimenters can search the web for schematics and ideas for additional components to add to increase audio quality and range.
     Your range will be dependent on your antenna skills (search this blog for AM Antenna info) and your fun will be limited only by your imagination.
     Over on the FM side, Jameco brings us a nice application of the often maligned BA 1404 FM Transmitter chip, with the Electronic Rainbow FM Stereo Transmitter Kit.
     This kit comes with a printed circuit board and your careful soldering will be required.
     If you're curious about what that would look like, Jameco offers the FM kit data sheet here for your review.
     Transmitters based on the BA 1404 can provide nice stereo sound and range can be greatly increased with the addition of a good antenna (search this blog for FM Antenna info).
     For additinal range, or extra power to overcome a less than idea antenna, check out Mycal's 1.2 Watt Bullet Proof Amp For The FM-10 or FM-25 or the Low Power 250 mW FM Amplifier Kit
     If you've been wondering what it might be like to throw your signal into the aether, these kits can be a great place to start!

And now, Jameco Kits and many other fine electronics items from Jameco are available on Amazon!