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New Low Power AM Licenses Now Available

Great news! Because there are fewer and fewer listener to AM and because high power medium wave transmitters are quite expensive, many stations have stopped broadcasting on medium wave.
     Research showed that there is interest for broadcast via the medium with a limited capacity.
     This led to adjust the MW policy and create three new categories of use for the medium:
  1. Low power AM, (max. 100 watts)
  2. Radio hobby (1 watt)
  3. Low-power medium wave transmitter license for special events. 
     Since May of this year, it is possible to apply for a license for the new categories. Meanwhile, ten licenses have been issued and are the first stations in the starting blocks.
     You say you haven't heard about this? Well, it might be because you don't live in the Netherlands, where this amazing and ground breaking news is actually true.
     Here are some links that give the full information but once again, we are way behind the rest of the world in moving progressive ideas forward.
Hashish, sex workers and now, AM radio has been liberated, viva the Netherlands!

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