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Looking at the MK-XI BCB Transmitter

Here we have a nice solid state unit (solid state? what, am I 100 years old?) using an oscillator can for crystal control.
     Easily assembled on perf-board (Mmm, gotta love the forgiveness of AM BCB!) with a delightfully short parts list, this little unit has been discussed and modded for the last four years or so over at Antique Radio Forums.
     The latest mods include adding a little built in MP3 player and a variety of cases - sweet!
     Because this is such a simple circuit, the usual shortcomings will apply - no real buffer amp and little input isolation will make it a jumpy tune up but gee, with so little to invest, why not try it?
     One more thing to think about trying might be to bump that can up to the Part 15 shortwave freqs and see what this circuit can do at 13.5 MHZ.
     I'd probably drop L2 altogether and use an 18' longwire, the approximate quarter wave at that freq, and drop L1 way down and see what it can do.
It looks like this little circuit is highly amenable to experimentation as there are no less than 44 pages of discussion about this circuit, so check it out

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