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Low power AM circuits of James R Cunningham

100 milliWatt AM Transmitter Schematic
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10 Watt AM Transmitter Schematic
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3-12 Watt AM Tube Transmitter Schematic
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James Cunningham regularly published booklets of radio instructions, schematics and station plans, intended to help missionaries set up gospel radio stations.
     Titles included Low Power Radio Broadcasting and The Big Antenna Book
     At one point in time, James also manufactured and sold transmitters, carrier current load tuners and other assorted sundry hardware items.
     One surviving document tells the story of the Cunningham Transmitters Model CM 30 - 50, an AM transmitter manufactured for export.
     The low power AM transmitter schematics to the right all come from Low Power Radio Broadcasting, Missionary Edition.
     James passed away in 2005, as announced on his gospel radio MSN group, shown here in the Internet Archive.
     Many of the left menu links still connect to archived copies of other projects and information. For example the two-part series titled "Solving broadcast problems" discusses how to deal with the kinds of RF / audio chain problems common to low power broadcasting efforts.
    You'll find lots of interesting articles and comment on topics like carrier current, antenna tuning and general low power radio information.

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