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A summary of FCC enforcement actions on the AM band, and more

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Call this the Internet is too damn big, part two.
     A blog popped up last year on my favorite topic, local area broadcasting, and I just found it.
     The good people at Part 15 Local Area Broadcasting have kindly created Part 15 LAB, the Part 15 Local Area Broadcasting Blog at
     The Internet being too big seems to work both ways, as this intrepid blogger hasn't found me yet, either. Having not found me, and sharing my affection for transmitting on the AM band to avoid FCC scrutiny, a wonderful blog post was written on a summary of FCC enforcement actions on the AM band.
     This well done, if perhaps mis-titled post, can be found here NOUO Notices of Unlicensed Operation, and reaches the astute conclusion that:
"There have been only 7 instances of the FCC shutting down supposed Part 15 AM broadcasters in the past 3 years... Compare this to the estimate of 1,000's of FM broadcasters receiving NOUO's in the same time frame."
     Well said! Also found on Part 15 Local Area Broadcasting are posts on the FCC Ground Conductivity map and a great tutorial on Zara station automation software, along with links to Neighborhood Public Radio and more!

      Visit Part 15 Local Area Broadcasting for some excellent low power radio info!

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