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Legacy low power radio site offers interview tips

The Internet is too damn big, so I missed this site until now - and this site regularly references 2002 as its last update, so I really missed it!
     Unlike this blog, however, the Rogue Radio folks host interesting content rather than linking to it (one of those pesky IP rights vs conscience vs content preservation unanswerable questions issues) so all the cool stuff is still there.
     Speaking of cool stuff, one of the most interesting links on the Rogue Radio site is a tutorial titled Conducting the Information Interview, where the author reminds us that " interviews are not defined by the medium used to communicate, but most centrally by the asking and answering of questions".
     To that end, this tutorial then proceeds to show us how to conduct an interview that listeners will find valuable.
     IMHO, this is a must read for low power radio enthusiasts, podcasters and bloggers, too.
     For the very young, it's also an interesting look at how we struggled to deliver content on the old 640 X 480, 56 kbps dial-up Internet. "In my day, surfing and downloading were both uphill, in a snowstorm!"
     A big low power radio "thank you" to the nice folks who populated and hosted Rogue Radio!
     So "go rogue" with Rogue Radio and enjoy a fascinating look at low power radio efforts, circa 1999.

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