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Who are you?

This poorly organized Internet existence, lacking direction and sporadically maintained, got its first page views back in July of 2006. In those eight short years, some patterns have emerged, patterns that start to describe who visits
     We don't do user interaction here and even if we did, the non-participating vastly outnumber the interactors so that would be a poor judge, anyway.
     Happily, none of these patterns are of any commercial value and don't really reveal much of anything about a specific individual. Instead, these patterns are more the simple things, the kinds of things we like to get to know about the people in our neighborhood.
     Here are six things I've learned about our visitors.
  1. You have a job. Seems like a silly thing to say, but that's the only thing I can think of that accounts for the fact that traffic goes way up on the weekends and is particularly low towards the end of the work week. 
  2. You're mainstream yet tech savvy. 80% of you come from a desktop Windows environment. Less that 10% of you visit using a Mac. In spite of the dominance of the Windows platform, less than a third of you visit using Internet Explorer. 
  3. You get here using Google and you're looking for something specific. Google brings three times more of you than all other methods combined. 
  4. You like to read. You stay for quite a while when you land here the first time and a third of you come back. When you come back, you stay 38% longer that you stayed on your first visit. 
  5. You like what you find here.  Most of you go at least three pages deep. A small group of you stay more than 30 minutes per visit. 
  6. You are global. Really global. As the visitor map shows, you come from everywhere. Some of you might be using a means of connecting to the web that obscure your specific location and that's fine, I'm not looking for specifics. In general, you're global. If anything would have surprised me in 2006, it's that people come here from all over the world. I am amazed and very humbled by that.
     Thank you for visiting and thank you for your support over these past eight years and, Google willing, many more...

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