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Phono oscillators - a Knight in shining (blue) armor

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One of the coolest things about what's left of the internet is that, at least for now, nearly anyone passionate enough to spend a few hours hunched over the keyboard can promote the object of their affection to the world.
     A delightful example of this publishing freedom (cherish it!) is the growing family of tribute pages to a little know historical technology called the phono oscillator.
     Strange as it might seem to a generation accustomed to getting one of the most powerful computing platforms ever known at no charge in exchange for a two year contract, technology used to be really expensive.
     Phono oscillators were a work around to get double duty from the large investment mid-20th century families made in then-expensive radio receivers.
     For the relatively low cost of a phono oscillator, your home record collection could be heard in the stunning high fidelity sound provided by your console set.
     Here's a stroll through some of what was found on the web: - Knight-Kit Electronics presents the Knight Kit Broadcaster Fan Page dedicated to the Knight-Kit Broadcaster. Be sure to check the links throughout the site, I'm pretty sure I like that coffee mug.... kit home broadcasters - The Knight Wireless Broadcaster-Amplifier takes only a few hours to build... Broadcaster - Experiences with the Knight Radio Broadcaster. Radio stuff/Knight - Original assembly manual. - Memories from users of the Knight Broadcaster. - The esteemed and far better organized page on Phono oscillators. from the home - Welcome to the world of home wireless broadcasting!. SMECC's Phono Oscillator page. - How many of our readers ever wanted to be a deejay or operate his or her own transmitter to play music? - The competing Lafayette LA-23 / KT-195 Amp & Wireless Broadcaster. - The oscillator on this page is based on the 1939 Zenith S-7000 series. Stereo XMTR - Bob Weaver's three tube C-QuAM Stereo Transmitter. - Needs parts for your tube-ular ventures? Try Antique Electronic Supply - AES!

     Hopefully, this look back to a more technologically sparse era will help us remember how fortunate we are to be right here, right now.
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