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Will the AM band ever get a low power service like LPFM?

In his July 2014 article Low-Power Radio Is Incomplete, Don Schellhardt gives us a concrete... maybe.
     "...Last decade, in response to a Petition for Rulemaking by The Amherst Alliance, The LPAM Network and others, the commission opened Docket RM-11287. Public comments were sought, and received, on possible licensing of low-power AM stations. Ultimately, however, the petition was neither granted nor rejected...
     ...In summary, all of this unfinished business can probably be resolved within two years, or less, if the commission is motivated and supporters are vocal."

      We do know our opponents are very vocal:       There are many nay-sayers out there who are ferociously guarding a band that, for all intents and purposes and with just a very few notable exceptions, is utterly commercially dead, because:
  • No one under 40 can tune the AM radio still found in the majority of automobiles 
  • It is now impossible to buy an AM radio off the shelf of any general merchandise store 
  • Those who do tune the AM band find an ever-repeating wasteland of dreck
      "Saving" the AM band for the likes of fifth-tier sports yackers, recycled politics or one more lovelorn advice show, all with advertising loads seemingly specially designed to drive away anyone to did happen to tune in, seems like the desperate grasping of the owners of a failed medium.
      Don Schellardt offers a variety of interesting reading on the topic, including his comments on commercial low power services
      Will our venerable AM band find new life in a diverse, low power commercial environment or will it be "saved" by the likes of the NAB and turned into garbage?  The answer might be up to us!

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