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FM transmitter circuits galore

Does anybody home brew FM transmitters any more?  Who knows?
     Your faithful editor tried several times back in the early nineties.  First effort was building an AM unit from this schematic and it sort of worked - using a 1.0 MHz XTAL it managed to get a block down the road at 790 KHz.  It was a weak effort but it got me hooked.
     After several spectacular failures, the next successful effort was a small FM kit from the quixotic Free Radio Berkeley. That worked a little too well and earned a NOUO - oops!
     Whether it's for serious consideration or simple study, there are vast sources of FM transmitter circuits available on line, here are a few for your consideration
     Or, if you prefer to try a Part 15 compliant kit, there are some fun finds on Amazon - FM Transmitter Kits complete with components and PC board - possibly hackable...

     You can also try FM transmitter kits from around the world from ebay, some not Part 15 relevant - you have been warned...

     If you do decide take the plunge, heat up your soldering iron and grab a handful of components with constructive intent, you are strongly urged to choose your circuit carefully.
     Use circuits published by authors who have identified themselves, who have built the project, who are available for questions and who can refer you to others who have had success with the circuit in question.

     Because this is the internet, anyone from a well-intended screw-up to a hateful prankster can put an FM schematic online. Your project won't be very satisfying if it's based on a flawed design.

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