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Low power radio in the news

Interesting selection of articles in Radio World recently
     First, a great example of perspective as other radio blogs reported either "FCC holds the line on Travelers stations" or "FCC modernizes TIS regs." 
     Why the difference?  Believe it or not, the penultimate knuckle heads in the NAB (Negative Anxious Buttheads?) are vehemently opposed to Travelers Information Stations, fearing a loss of listenership. 
     I'll let that sink in for a minute.  Yes, the manager of a 50,000 watt, full service radio outlet is afraid of losing listeners to a 10 watt station with looped programming.  Is it any wonder the radio industry has been in a tail spin for two decades?
     News outlets catering to NAB types say the FCC holds the line, outlets reaching those with a functioning brain stem see it as an upgrade - read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.
     Travelers’ Information Station Regs Get a Facelift 
     by Leslie Stimson, 07.24.2013
     "The FCC has updated its rules governing Travelers’ Information Stations, and also seeks public input on further planned changes..."
     Read more about TIS on this blog in the Community Radio Broadcasting post.
     In another recent Radio World article, focused on our less-than-licensed broadcasting community (I just made that up - doesn't that sound nicer than 'pirate?'), we get a balanced look at why the Internet has helped these operators thrive.  Funny, I wonder why the NAB didn't see it that way, still viewing the web as a threat - like ESPN's disastrous "delay all podcasts 24 hours to force listeners to tune in live" policy.
     Pirate Radio Thrives in Internet Age 
     by James Careless, 07.15.2013
     "OTTAWA, Ontario Unlicensed “pirate” radio stations are thriving in the Internet age, despite the fact that most people can now operate their own Web-based radio stations without risking arrest..."
     Finally, in the "tinker and tweak" department, Radio World comes through with a timely solution for better audio when using an iPhone or iPad for field work, audio or video.  To help eliminate that "recorded in an underground bunker" sound that comes from using the built in mic for anything other than up-against-the-mouth recording, this article provides a source for the specific connector as well as a wiring diagram, supporting the connection of external mics to the i-device
A Solution for That Pesky iPhone Plug 
by John Bisset, 07.12.2013
"Kirk Chestnut... responded to the May 22 Workbench column in which Michael Heim could not find a source for 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) TRRS (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) connectors used for adapting an external mic for use with an iPad or iPhone..."
     We are very fortunate to have unbiased radio news outlets like Radio World to keep us up to date with this great insider information - thank you Radio World!

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