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Some of the links to our more popular files went down as of November 1, 2015.
     As of November 27th, we have restored nearly all of the broken links on our initial report and are taking down the broken links summary page.
     In case you were wondering, we currently have 3,012 active links serving the readers of this little old blog, taking you to exciting destinations in low power radio.
     Of those 3,012 links, our November outage plus accumulated dysfunction knocked out 137. That's only 4.5% numerically but the outage affected at least 50 of our most popular destinations - ouch.
     We will make two changes going forward.
     1 - Better routine maintenance
     2 - Steal more content (sorry, but we hate losing good stuff!)

Blast from the past, GeoCities edition

Imagine my 256 colors of surprise when one of my long ago favorite GeoCities web sites appeared in a search result.
     One of the first social media platforms, or as one commenter noted "the first instance of proving you could have millions of users and still not make any money," Yahoo purchased GeoCities in 1999.
     After chasing most users away with an early version of the now common "screw you!" terms of use, then flubbing a second time by trying to weave GeoCities users into the paid Yahoo web services suite, then striking out by chasing the few remaining users away with hideous levels of ad injections, Yahoo finally closed GeoCities in 2009.
     Several mediocre attempts to repurpose the nearly terabyte of content - now of indeterminate ownership - utterly failed to give users access to this rather historical archive of some of our earliest 'clicks and grunts' on the web.
     A group calling itself Oocities has exhumed this body of work and tried to monetize it yet again with even more poorly written ad script.  Yeesh!
     At least we can get to it more easily now.
     As was the case with our first Blast from the Past, here you will find broken links, missing images, slow loading and other kinks galore.

Low Power & Experimental Radio Pirate Tribute Sites
Internet Radio
     You can test your memory and try your luck with the Oocities.com search engine - it seems to work pretty well.
     Many of these sites have content from the mid-nineties - before the dot com crash, the new millennium, 9/11, i-Anything or Wi-Fi/broadband.  We used MHz, MB, just plain "Office" and Windows 95.  We surfed with Netscape Gold at 56kbps.  Compaq was king and Apple was in trouble. Cell phones made phone calls.

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