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Community radio broadcasting

So, what is community radio?  One way to define community radio in the low power realm could be experimental radio with a purpose.  These ventures are usually undertaken by folks with a vision of community service.
     Sometimes the best opportunity is a partnership between a community focused person and a radio experimenter - one provides the bandwidth, the other, content and community outreach.
     Often, low power radio is a useful tool to reach a potentially large audience traveling through a particular geographic location.
     Low power community radio is often used to broadcast messages about the local attractions, research and related events. Topics can include information about wildlife, marine projects or announcements about educational events.
     In some cases, listeners responded to online surveys and indicated learning more about research, events and educational opportunities. Using this approach, community radio broadcasters find that listeners are attending events and facilities heard about, on the radio!
     Your faithful blog editor has covered some of these operations in past posts, here is a summary of community radio posts found here:
     The FCC also offers a slightly different form of low power community radio called TIS or Travelers Information Stations, also called Highway Advisory Radio, for the purpose of disseminating information by broadcast radio to travelers. While this service is not available to individuals or groups, governmental entities and park districts may use this technology for a wide variety of purposes.
     Information Station Specialists is a well known source for TIS technology and the specialized services required.
     The Information Station Specialists (ISS) case studies page gives great insights into how these operations are used, the station listing page provides an overview of where these stations can be found and the funding sources page offers the who, how and with what needed to put a TIS on the air in your community.
     The good folks of Vashon Island in Washington State have implemented the Voice of Vashon, a local micro-media project that includes Vashon Emergency Radio.
     Also in the works is a proposal from the National SOS Radio Network, an organization with the goal of helping to create an easy, accessible-by-all emergency communications system freely shared by the public & emergency resources.
     Also on the scene is the EMCOM Emergency Preparedness - Family / Neighborhood Emergency Communications, helping to communicate emergency communications and preparedness.
     Will your community be served by and benefit from the many opportunities presented by low power community radio?  The answer might be up to you!

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