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Stereo to mono mod on an EDM Electronics transmitter

One of the transmitters collected over the years is an early version of the 10 mW LED PLL stereo transmitter from EDM Electronics. This model has been superseded by the EDM-LCD series of transmitters featured here on this blog when it was released several years ago.
     My old EDM LED unit with 10 mW of RF power delivers a nice range into a well matched dipole but the imaging and drop outs of the stereo signal were annoying at the edge of the range.
     After researching the question of whether to broadcast in stereo or mono and learning that at low power levels mono is really best, I wished there was a way to convert that old EDM LED unit to mono.
     Sadly, because the unit used a BA series self-contained stereo transmitter IC, there was not easy way to make the change - until now.
     EDM now offers a mono transmitter chip swap-out for about $15.00, delivered.
     This simple 'remove / replace' mod, swapping out the old BA stereo chip for a mono model helps get a more solid signal out the the very edge of the transmitter range and mono is great for NOAA weather rebroadcast and PSA programing

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