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More tubes, news and notes

Sebastian Franitza, Webmaster at the Christian Radio Project has pulled together a nice sampling of Tube Transmitter Schematics to supplement the other interesting content on Sebastian's pages.
     See also his The Layman's Guide to Christian Broadcasting as well as Transmitter and Kit Reviews and Some Highly Recommended Automation and Studio Software
     Recent news from former radio radical and now media professor, John Anderson, the man with the radio tat, as seen on his seminal web site,
      Two additional web sites with some nice circuits for AM and FM transmitters, field strength meters, oscillators and more. Visit Circuit Exchange International's RF circuits and Low Power Radio NZ's LPAM and LPFM pages.
     And finally, two sites that are a little off the mark as far as low power but that do offer some useful info. Micro-Broadcasting 101 on the Go Beyond Now property. A bit old, seemingly unfinished and not linked from the main page, this site popped up on a collateral search.
     Not nearly as charming and feeling a bit astroturfy is the rather peculiar Pirate Hobby Broadcaster hosted on
     It's very doubtful this site affiliated with the highly reputable site or even the somewhat less reputable home of the amazing disappearing magazine,
     Is it a straight up astrotruf farm for HLLY Transmitters - also considered by some to be less than ideal?  All of the transmitters recommended on the .us site seem to originate from one manufacturer...
     Well, have you ever seen "indemnity" and "severability" on the 'terms of use' page of a web site unless there was a corporation involved?  :-)
     Today's blog-thought - if you started putting your transmitter together now, it would be finished by the time the weather was more favorable to putting up antennas. What are there, 100+ transmitters, plans, kits and schematics listed on this blog? I am, as they say, just saying...

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