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Compressor / Limiter
I discovered this great little company last year on ebay. Now selling in the open market with an informative web site and a great selection of low power broadcasting goodies on, selling direct. The site also offers a nice currency switch so you can shop in your home currency.
     I ordered this nice little compressor / limiter board for use in the audio chain of my little station and was very pleased with both the purchase experience (arrived in two weeks from half way around the world) and the in-use performance.
     While this little board is certainly no equal to one of the name brand top end units, I bought it for less than $40.00 delivered to my door.
     Most of us in low power broadcasting are looking for a "set it and forget it" unit that we can add to our audio chain for a little extra oomph. This little board definitely fills the bill. has added a wide variety of products after going online. Check their site for PLL oscillator controllers (great for stabilizing that old VCO), FM Applications (including compressor / limiters, transmitters, encoders and amplifiers), Ham Radio Applications, a wide horizon frequency counter and some additional cool toys.
FM Amplifier
     Of interest to those who can operate at a higher power level is the Linear amplifier for FM band 87.5-108. This unit is broadband, 15 Watt (13.8 Volt 1.5 amp). Two inputs, either 0.2 Watt-0.5 Watt input or 1 Watt input. Powered by a Mitsubishi RF FET RD15HVF1 mounted on a double sided PCB, dimensions 5.3 x 4.5 cm.
     Jump online, set your home currency and enjoy shopping around the world from your PC or tablet.
     Looking for a quick way to get on the air with lots of options and plenty of accessories?  Try

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