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Blast from the past - old low power radio web sites

Backing up our computer files is a nightmare and keeping track of all that digital stuff is even worse. Most of us consign ourselves to at least shoveling buckets of bits into a byte bin and then we hope to heaven we'll be able to bounce back from what ever fells us. What on Earth does this have to do with low power radio?
     Well, I was digging through a bit bucket the other day and found a heap of low low power radio related links from the turn of the century - the current century, that is. With the help of the Internet Archive, I am able to give you a peek into those thrilling days of yesteryear, the world of low power radio at 640 X 480 in 256 dazzling colors.
     Here you will find broken links, missing images, slow loading and other kinks galore but after all, time travel is hardly perfect! Speaking of time travel, you can use the widget at the top of each archive screen to move among the archived versions of each site - pretty cool, huh?
     And now, please to be enjoying some of my favorites from the world wide web, circa 1999
  •, "Microbroadcasting is a hobby-type activity where a person operates a transmitter and broadcasts to their neighborhood."
  •, The very early years of the famous John Anderson's Guide to Pirate/Free Radio
  •, (not affiliated with the highly reputable "Hobby Broadcasting magazine is a quarterly publication, dedicated to do-it-yourself broadcasting of all types."
  •, "Neighborhood Stations of America, Low-Power Broadcasting Development Center, Solutions for Effective "Neighborhood/Community Broadcasting" Low Power AM/FM & FCC Part-15 Operation."
  •, "Microphone Speech Processor and other products for CB, Amateur, Neighborhood, Pirate, Internet, Short Wave, and Campus Radio."
  •, "Progressive Concepts, Providing the best in Broadcast Electronics since 1990 - very high quality broadcast equipment at extremely reasonable prices."
  •, "Following the example of Free Radio Berkeley, hundreds of micropower broadcast stations have taken to the air across the United States and in other countries as well."
  •, "A Beginners Guide to Micro-Power Broadcasting Equipment. I am FAR from an "expert", but I'll dump all I know of this stuff on you and you can run with it."
  •, "The Anime Music Network, A Look Inside the Facilities of this Professional-Oriented FM Station, Plus Broadcast Technology & How It's Done."
  •, "This site is to provide information and links about the FCC proposed low power FM broadcasting service. We do not promote or condone illegal broadcasting in any way."
  •, "I've created this page in order to promote this very splendid and worthwhile cause. Here, you shall find lots of information about the Free Radio movement, micro power broadcasting, and the like."
  •, "New to or MP3s in general? Our Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to begin!"
  •, "Micro Kind Radio is on the air in the San Marcos area at FM 103.9 -- if you're in town, please be sure to tune in."
  •, "The Net's most popular site for Technical information on FM Transmitter Kits."
  •, "Inexpensive Electronic Gadgets/Solutions That You Need!"
  •, "Pan-Com International, A Division of Panaxis Productions, On-Line Catalog, Kits, Plans, Books & Broadcast Equipment Since 1975"
    Quoted content from the above sites is the property of and © the original authors of the linked works
Now back up your files so we can do this again in 2112!

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