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Careers in Broadcast Techology - It's not all fun and games!

Low power radio is an interesting, relatively low cost hobby and lots of fun but there is a serious side, too. It turns out that those of us with a technical bent are very much in demand in the broadcast, technology and regulatory sectors.  Not only are we in demand, it turns out we're actually scarce - yep, that's right, geeks get paid!
     The Alabama Broadcasters Association recently announced that the organization is establishing a Broadcast Engineering Academy at the ABA office in Hoover, AL. “This idea was created out of pure necessity,” said Bill Ballard, ABA Chairman and President and General Manager of WIAT-TV in Birmingham, AL. “There is such a shortage of broadcast engineers that something had to be done." Visit the Alabama Broadcasters Association's home page and read the full write up of the academy
     Visit this Google search link to check for a broadcast association in your home state.
     At the national level, the Federal Communications Commission offers internship opportunities throughout the year, providing opportunities for interested students to increase their knowledge of the issues and technologies that are shaping the telecommunications market. As FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said in his recent speech to Congress, "A powerful indicator of the growing significance of the tech sector to our broader economy came a few weeks ago when Apple surpassed ExxonMobil as the most valuable company in the world." Visit Student Internships at the FCC to learn more.

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     No need to search the web for FM broadcast antenna, FM transmitter antenna plans or FM broadcast antenna diy, this great combo includes an F-S Electronics RangeBooster 2.0 Ground Plane Antenna. 
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     Necessary adapters are included, too - a simple and cost-effective solution to increase your range, minimize signal loss and maximize your broadcasting enjoyment.
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• "I am able to get more range with the external antenna"
• "Set up was so easy. The sound quality was awesome. I love this transmitter!"
• "The transmitter works well given I am out in the 'bush' away from town"
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