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Real life low power radio stations

As part of our continuing efforts to answer the question "Does anybody really do this stuff?" please to be enjoying some information from those who practice the art.  Images and descriptions are the copyrighted materials of their respective owners - enjoy!

"Rhemaradio (archived link, site gone) has returned to the Pacific Northwest and the Columbia River Gorge. With a new web domain, new site and updated studio and broadcast equipment.
       After decades as a professional broadcaster (Marshall) and newspaper mogul (Alexis), my wife and I founded Rhemaradio in late 2005 and Marshall is now pursuing a career in voice acting and voice overs from his digital home recording studio (The VO-Factory)."

"Friday Harbor Tiny Radio - Our mission is to serve the town of Friday Harbor with local news, weather, sports, special events, and entertainment - all brought to you in glorious sandflea-powered Amplitude Modulated Monophonic sound.
     Playing music by island musicians, ferry reports, weather, calendar updates and announcements, poetry and read aloud stories, local events, high school sports, commentaries, Old Time Radio, and island scuttlebutt.We are actively looking for (especially local) NorthWest indie artists who can use us to air and promote their music, comedy, and storytelling."

"Community Radio is coming to Buffalo(archived link, site gone) for those who demand that their radio serve as a collective forum where locally relevant ideas, opinions, news, and music are broadcast to the community, the actual options on our radio dial are few and far in between.
     The important thing is to open up an independent, non-profit, community-controlled signal so that a forum can be created for the exchange of ideas, music, and information relevant to our city. Thanks to everyone who came down to the fundraiser and a special thank you to the bands/DJs who were so kind to donate their services."

"Serving Cuyahoga Falls-Chapel Hill Plaza Area, MRAM is a Part 15 Radio Service of Miles Robert Audio Project Recording Studio. Broadcasting 24/7 at 1500 on the AM dial, programming includes Local Talent from our Miles Robert Audio Project Recording Studio with NOAA Weather broadcasts when threatening conditions exist and newscasts on the hour.
     Send us a note and include the Date, Time, Frequency, Signal quality and some details about what you heard as proof. We’ll verify your report and send you a card signed by the GM as proof of reception."

"PGCR is Pleasant Gap Community Radio, (site gone, no archivea FCC Part 15 authorized low power radio station at 87.5 MHz on the dial.  As a Part 15 station, and not a traditional broadcast station, PGCR may or may not be 'on the air' at any given time. PGCR is the place to hear your favorite music and memories from yesterday through today, in addition to local news, weather, community information from around Pleasant Gap, PA and world news from the Feature Story News network."

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