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New (to me) Self Contained, Fully Assembled, Outdoor AM Tramsmitter

UPADTE - The manufacturer responded promptly with: Our prototype transmitter has been operating continuously since it was built in 2006, except for short periods of power outage. It has proven to be a reliable design and a good product, and we have used it in both permanant installations and temporary ones where it is powered from an automobile cigarette lighter socket.

The pricing information is available at This page includes the operator's manual for the transmitter, as well as the manuals for the accessories that are currently offered. The Sales link to our manufacturing partner is listed on the ordering information page.

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I recently learned of another low power AM transmitter maker called WAYNE MILLER ASSOCIATES, LLC who tell us they offer a "Self-contained, pole-mount 100 milliwatt AM transmitter with synthesized frequency selection and very low distortion audio and 30 dB of automatic gain control."
     According to the AM TRANSMITTER Model GI-100/1000 user's manual "The Model GI-100/1000 is a professional quality, low distortion AM transmitter unit that is designed for continuous outdoor use.
     It is FCC certified to operate in the standard AM broadcast band and can be operated unlicensed in accordance with Part 15 of the FCC code. Made in USA."
     It's always exciting to discover a new vendor and I've sent the company an email asking about publically available pricing and ship dates - more when I have it!
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