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Urgent Sponsor News - Appilan Technologies

We just heard this from our sponsor and we hope you'll join us in giving Appilan your full support!
From Appilan's CEO - "We used to advertise heavily on a popular ad network, until one day the criterion for advertisers magically changed and we were blacklisted. Now, we can't run any network ad that links to Applian. Are ad networks blacklisting specific advertisers to protect other parts of their businesses?"
We released a new version of WM Recorder - the easiest, most powerful way to record millions of video and audio files from the internet - automatically!
We also released Replay AV - Radio on Steroids! Capture and schedule recordings for both Streaming Audio and Video.

Replay Converter is the easiest way to convert video and audio files. We've decided to lower the price of Replay Converter to just $9.95!
We have also updated Freecorder4 our versatile FREE audio/video recorder/converter - a great introduction to the Replay line of recording software.
Freecorder 4

These applications are great for managing content for Low Power Radio, as well as being just plain fun - Get some soon!

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