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This year's vanity post

Web analytics reports tell us about blog visitors.  If we create a blog that attracts significant visits, trends in the data emerge.  When bloggers see positive trends we blab about those trends in vanity posts like this one. The trends for Low Power Radio are most encouraging!
     First, your faithful blog author going through three jobs in two cities in 2010 meant posts that year were few and far between.  How humbling it was to see visitors still using the (then) static content.
     Equally humbling was finding we are an international blog with a surprising number of recent visits from countries like Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Russia, Italy, the Philippines and South Korea - thank you! Finally, the staple of the internet - top ten lists - looks both predictable and interesting at the same time.

Top ten search terms:
  1. low power radio
  2. low power am antenna
  3. talking house transmitter
  4. low power radio stations
  5. am transmitter amplifier
  6. whole house transmitter
  7. micropower radio station
  8. set up a radio station
  9. fm amplifier kit
  10. fm transmitter hum

Our top ten posts:
  1. How to Build an AM Band Transmitting Antenna
  2. Where to get, or how to build, an antenna
  3. FCC Enforcement Actions for Home FM Transmitters
  4. In Depth: Talking House AM Transmitter
  5. Low Power Amplifier Plans for AM Transmitters
  6. Perhaps the least expensive AM transmitter yet!
  7. Low Power 250 mW FM Amplifier Kit
  8. Tutorial for creating your own bumpers and station...
  9. FCC Certified transmitters
  10. Why Does My Transmitter Hum?

Top nine referrers
  7. FMTransmitterCircuits

Search Engine performance
  • About two thirds of our visitors arrive via a search engine, the balance linked from a referring site
  • 82% search engine traffic came from Google
    Yahoo and Bing each kicked in about 7%
    All the others made up the remaining 4%
  • and sent oodles of visitors but I think those are already counted under Google. If not, awesome!
     It's encouraging to see that folks still appreciate some of our earlier posts while coming back to see our newer information.  Our referrers represent a solid community of sites dedicated to low power radio and experimental broadcasting. 
     The search engine activity indicates there are lots of interested folks out there looking for information.

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