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FCC Eyes Expanding Role of TISby Randy J. Stine, 03.04.2011
(Three) petitioners contend that conditions have changed since  the TIS (was initiated) in 1977, (one) petition asked  to eliminate the limitation that confines TIS stations to areas near roads, several asked the FCC to consider use of “ribbon systems,” and some operators would like to include such things as Amber alerts, terror threat levels, NOAA weather forecasts, public health warnings and other information (more...)

Can You Do a Lot With 0.1 Watt? by James Careless, 02.01.2011
KPFK is turning to low-power AM transmitters to reach Hispanic neighborhoods in Los Angeles. “With a few LPAM transmitters and antennas, we can cover MacArthur Park,” says KPFK Program Director Alan Minsky. “About 50,000 people work in this area right now. That’s a big audience that can be reached in a very affordable manner” (more...)

Low Power Hourkdxradio.comby Carl Blare, © 2011
The Low Power Hour (LPH) radio program is hosted by Carl Blare and features news and conversations about legal, unlicensed, AM, FM and Shortwave broadcasting in the U.S., under Part 15 of the FCC Rules, welcoming hobbyists, professionals and equipment suppliers who pursue low power radio activities. The Low Power Hour (LPH) radio program is public domain, community audio. Submissions of your own low power interviews or other clips may be included in future editions of the LPH (more...)

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