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MAXNET? Shortwave plus narrow band FM plus broadcast band FM

(From the original marketing page) MAXNET is a broadcasting system consisting of a central Network Transmitter System: Model MX-1356, Range to 5 miles, PLL narrow band FM operating on 13.56 MHz, complies with Part 15.225. This main network transmitter sends out a signal which is picked up by each repeater.

The signal is converted to the FM broadcast band and transmitted to passing vehicles within the allowable radius of about 300 feet (approx. signal strength is 7.5uV/M). One repeater is installed every 500 to 600 feet long the highway or for each 300,000 sq. feet (approx. 7 acres) of desired coverage area within an unobstructed perimeter. All repeaters transmit on the same frequency, so as a motorist passes one repeater he approaches the next, providing seamless reception.
  • Easy to install solar powered repeaters are fully self-contained, no cables to run. A complete functioning system can be set up quickly
  • MAXNET network transmitter controls all repeaters and feeds the common audio signal without wires.
  • Installed multi-band audio processor makes MAXNET as loud and crisp as any major market station.
See the historical MAXNET marketing page, circa 1998, here
Could a similar system be set up today? Any Ideas?

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