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Chez Radio Procaster - one year later

Back in 2009 we ran an announcement for the new Chez Radio Procaster Low Power AM Transmitter. A little over a year later (2011) we decided to follow up and see how folks like it after a year in the wild.  (Chez recently redid their website so I fixed all the links, then they updated again so I updated the links...again!)

Customer Service
"I was ready to order the Procaster and had a few questions so I went ahead and emailed the company this Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised to get a quick, concise response on Sunday! Overall I was impressed with the companies speed of response and their straight forward answer."

Upon Arrival
The included mounting hardware, adequate cable, transmitter, studio to get me going, the TX (natch), the connection box with regulated 12V power supply, all the mounting hardware, and a surprisingly sturdy and easy-to-tune antenna.

1/4 mile from the house, I was hearing everything like it was a commercial station. At 1 mile, everything was still strong and listenable then at 1-1/8 mile, it started to deterioate. I'm thinking if I really tuned this thing, it would probably push 1.5 miles

In Summary
  • Automatic Power Regulation
  • Built-in Audio Processor
  • Integrated Antenna Included
  • Has both F.C.C. (US) and Industry Canada certifications
  • May require audio isolation transformer depending on installation
User Tips
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