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Whole House FM Transmitter® 2.0

The newest version of the Whole House transmitter hit the market a few months ago and user comments are coming in quite positive.
     First, the facts: The Whole House 2.0 offers compact size, light weight and a user-friendly case design.
     The transmitter functions are displayed on a digital screen with blue backlighting and the unit covers entire FM band from 88.1 to 107.9 in 0.1 MHz steps, on both even and odd frequencies.
     One of the more popular features is the Stereo/ Mono selection option, letting you broadcast in true stereo format with the right and left channels or to switch to mono to broadcast a little bit farther with less fidelity.
     The biggest change is that the 2.0 now complies with FCC’s part 15 rules (FCC ID: XOAWH-FMT and for Canada it's IC.8728A-WHFMT) See the FCC Certification info here, some photos, etc., still available.

One observer recently commented that "the certification test data on the FCC website for the new Whole House transmitter is surprisingly complete.  The highest field strength for the Whole House certification data is 183.7 uV/m at 3 m at 98.0 MHz using vertical polarization of the field strength measuring pickup antenna."

A user reports that "I've been using the Whole House 2.0 for a few months, and find it closely equivalent to the C.Crane in power, but with added feature of stereo/mono switch, which is useful for many users. It covers entire FM band and has a microphone input to be used as a wireless microphone complete with a belt-clip. It sounds professional."

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Anonymous said...

We recently completed the lab evaluation and field test of the Whole House FM Transmitter 2.0 over in the Product Reviews section of our site.