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Major updates for some very handy software from Applian

WM Recorder has always been a powerful streaming recorder but with this latest release it's gotten even better. WM Recorder 14 offers the ability to capture live streaming flash sites (like live sports or chat sites) and even has the ability to preview, pause, rewind and fast forward streaming Flash content. Additionally, WM Recorder 14 can capture Quicktime, Windows Media and Real streams.

Replay Media Catcher now has an incredibly useful new Video History tool that allows you to save previously viewed videos onto your hard drive. The video history tool keeps track of any videos watched on the PC that can be downloaded - even when Replay Media Catcher is closed. Just open the Video History tool and click save on any video you want to keep on your harddrive. We have also added a special "Record Audio" tool that allows Replay Media Catcher to record any audio your PC can play - even from encrypted sites - as a high quality MP3.

Replay Music added the capability to tag previously recorded MP3s (perhaps recorded using another program) and retag songs that weren't properly tagged the first time.

Replay Converter offers improved CD/DVD burning capability and the ability to change the video track speed. There is also a new a "remove audio track" option for video editing purposes.

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