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In Depth: Talking House AM Transmitter

(Note: Links restored 8/2017)
Some have called it "one of the nicest transmitters you can't buy," but more on that in a moment. Good quality audio and multiple inputs and outputs make this a great entry level transmitter. A plug and play, AM band, 100mW transmitter, the Talking House transmitter has three really important features:
  1. FCC certified, giving the user peace of mind
  2. Self contained - everything you need is in the box
  3. Self tuning, making set up easy and agile
Until a self-tuning transmitter was available, the biggest barrier to putting an AM operation on the air was tuning the antenna. Using patented technology, the Talking House transmitter automatically adjusts the inductance and capacitance of the antenna load to match the frequency and conditions. If you would like to try to squeeze out just a bit more range by building your own antenna there is a separate RF output for that, too. Learn more about this transmitter and its features and functions here:

Company web site


Owners Manual

Tech Notes
Talking House Schematic
User info - Antenna, mixer hook up, etc.

Eliminate Hum
So, why can't you buy one? The company apparently only sells to Real Estate brokers or institutional buyers and has been unfriendly towards hobbyist inquiries. Not to worry, however - it seems there is a steady supply of folks selling these on ebay, and at fairly reasonable prices compared to the published company list price.

December 2107 update: The Talking House Transmitter is now available on Amazon from ISS for under $100 - now it's the best Part 15 AM Transmitter you can buy!  

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