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On the air for less than $10.00?

If you’re interested in trying low power broadcasting without any big commitment, the BH 1417 chip is your friend - a cheap, effective little IC from ROHM.
     The very good news is that this interesting FM stereo transmitter chip is widely available in a variety of ready-to-use-and-abuse forms from your local discount store or ebay seller.
     Sold as a "Car FM Transmitter Modulator for MP3 players" or some similar sounding name, these fully assembled (and often FCC Certified) transmitters can be an easy entry into experimental broadcasting. 
     A sound source, a windowsill and perhaps a tiny bit of hacking and you're on the air.
     On the downside, the range will be measured in hundres of yards, not in miles and how long these little set ups will last is anybody's guess.    
     But, we're talking about cheap fun for beginners here, so let's have fun!
     Most of these low cost, low power transmitters use some form of this schematic, a suggested starting point from the manufacturer. What's exciting about these is first of all the low price. As Mad Magazine used to say, "CHEAP!"
     Click here to see a sort of user review, some very minor hacks that increase range and random thoughts on powering this little guy with solar power

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