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Still More Stolen Moments, Other's Radio Writings

Before commercial radio turned into a cesspool of sociopaths, populated by uptight, back-stabbing, scum buckets, people used to get into the industry because they loved the technology. Please to be enjoying this delightful look back:

The Story of Bootleg Radio 1610
by Robert R. Kegerreis, 12.30.2008
"...With a mail order kit from Allied Radio that had been designed for electronic experiments, I began building a low-power radio transmitter. Technically the experiment was titled "how to build a phone oscillator." The kit contained one vacuum tube, a small electrical transformer, several resistors and capacitors, and a tuning coil. My job was to follow the schematic, place the components in the right place and solder them together. Then according to the instructions, by attaching a ground wire, antenna and microphone, I would be 'on the air'..."

Read Robert's entire article at Radio World

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