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How to Build an AM Band Transmitting Antenna

After "Which transmitter should I use?" the most pressing question for low power broadcasters is "How do I build an antenna?"
     A fellow by the name of Ernie Wislon who ran a mail order company called PanAxis Productions back in the 70s and 80s wrote a definitive manual on low power AM transmitting antennas - including extensive theory and formulas. Alas, Ernie retired, sold the company and the manual went out of print. 
     Imagine my joy when I discovered an old photo copy of this manual, originally entitled "Construction Plans, Medium Frequency Antennas."
     So, I scanned all 14 pages, cleaned the images up as best I could and used the old "Splitz" application to put the scanned pages in a format that is readable over the web and also added links to clear images of the formulas.
     So, enough chit-chat, please to be enjoying Construction Plans, Medium Frequency Antennas (Restored)

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