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Where to get, or how to build, an antenna

No doubt about it, the antenna is your connection to your listeners. A good skyhook will help even a mediocre transmitter deliver your broadcast. A bad, or poorly matched antenna will silence even the best transmitter.
     For AM broadcasters, the challenge is truly daunting. How to stuff a 500 foot long wavelength into a 10 foot antenna? Fortunately there's plenty of help. Carl the AM antenna guy will custom build an antenna for you.
     If you're a do-it-yourself person, a nice 14 page manual on several diffeent approaches can be found at "How to Build an AM Band Transmitting Antenna." Kyle lays out all you'll need to know in the antenna building section of his popular web site.
     Miles Roberts Audio, Operator of MRAM 1500, offers these low power AM antenna construction plans
     There are also some specific instructions for building the Manteca Magnum antenna here and there's an animated GIF movie to show how it all fits together. An older version of a base loaded vertical antenna is listed here.
FM broadcasters have a much easier time with antennas, it's the FCC that turns out to be the problem there.
     Get the best connection to your listeners with a good skyhook!

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