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FCC Certified transmitters

Some of the information we've looked at in the last few blog posts indicates it just might be possible to set up a low power radio station that generates a little bit of income through advertising revenue.
     I've discovered that two of the most important elements of setting up a money-earning station are publicity and promotion. In my summary of the Oregon Sea Grant research, for example, it was shown that small signs promoting a low power radio station increased listenership a whopping 40%.
     The problem is that publicity and promotion will also attract scrutiny and in the radio world that means an FCC field inspection. A great way to have a near a worry free FCC field inspection is to use an FCC certified transmitter.
     Here is a quick review of some of the certified transmitters on the market today. Both AM and FM units are shown but keep in mind that a certified FM unit will have more limited range.
Talking House plug and play AM transmitter. Available in one-each quantities through ebay.
The TransAM-100™ Talking Billboard Low Power AM Radio Station for advertisers.
Procaster outdoor AM transmitter, from
UX350-EX USB FM Transmitter, Stereo unit, innovative USB connection to a PC, sold by CanaKit.Info Radio low power FM transmitter, sold by the manufacturer, informative web site.FMT Digital FM Transmitter , stereo, original product from the C. Crane Company
ACC100 FM Mono Transmitter, PanAxis design now sold by Progressive Concepts, available in Stereo.Hamilton RangeMaster AM1000, a long history of service.

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