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What is a Legal Transmitter for Low Power Radio?

  • Must I buy a certified, ready made transmitter or can I build a kit?
  • Can I build my own transmitter from scratch?
  • Can I build and sell my own transmitters?
  • How many low power transmitters can I own or make?
  • What makes a transmitter legal?
  • Will I be fined for broadcasting?
     Questions, questions, questions, flooding into my email inbox daily. Good questions and happily, there are good answers - from the best possible source - the FCC :-)

     Any and every question you might have about low power broadcasting and the law are in the FCC publication with the snappy title of "Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Bulletin 63" also known by another snappy (and much more descriptive) title of "UNDERSTANDING THE FCC REGULATIONS FOR LOW POWER, NON LICENSED TRANSMITTERS" (I don't know why they have to shout!)

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