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Reading Opportunities for the Technically Inclined

Well dang! The links in this post have been dead for literally years, if they ever worked at all. Fixed now.
On days like these the mind of the low power broadcaster turns to, well, low power broadcasting!
     Many folks who are interested in learning more about the hobby find that there are really very few ways to, well, learn about the hobby. There aren’t any low power broadcasting courses at the local community college.
     If you are one of our international visitors, there might not be any recognition of low power broadcasting in your home country at all. Your low power radio blog is here to help!
     Below you will find several publications written in the 1990s by dedicated souls who tried to fill the gap between what we know, and what we'd like to know, about low power radio.
     Some of what you will read will be a bit technical as most of the authors are engineers. These files are PDFs of scans in graphics mode so the files are a couple of MBs in size for those of you on thin pipes. Some will be a bit out of date, but all is free and you just might discover a few "ah-hah!" moments lurking in these learned tomes:
Low Power Broadcasting
Broadcaster's Guide to Radio Station Development
Carrier Current Techniques
The Big Antenna Book
Engineer's Trade Secrets of Radio

     Over 500 pages of low power radio knowledge!

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